July 7 2000
Protest at the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, London

London Region CND and Labour CND

Friday 7 July 2000, 12 noon to 2pm

Protesters warn: 'today's US anti-missile test threatens new arms race'

Peace campaigners will be protesting at the United States' London embassy today, 12 noon to 2pm, at the prospect of a new nuclear arms race posed by US violations of the Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty, which has been the cornerstone of nuclear arms control for almost 30 years.

The demonstration coincides with the US's latest anti-missile test which takes place in the small hours of Saturday morning (GMT) - part of its $60 billion national missile defence system. The 1972 ABM Treaty commits the USA 'not to deploy anti-ballistic missile systems for a defence of the territory of its country'.

This latest US test coincides with the resumption of arms control talks between China and the US, which were frozen last year after NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia. The US is also planning to deploy so-called 'theatre' missile defences over the Pacific Ocean, on China's doorstep.

Both China and Russia are bitterly opposed to the development by America of a national missile defence programme, and have warned that it could spark a new arms race.

Mathew Pelling, Vice Chair of CND, said:

'The latest American dream of a national missile defence system, is a new global nightmare. The relentless drive of the US government to undermine the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty threatens us all. Fylingdales missile tracking station in Yorkshire is implicated. If you share CND's vision of a millennium world where the right to life and happiness and freedom from fear are truly self evident, then join us in pointing the finger at Fylingdale.'

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