When can I plant arugula outside?

Wild arugula, a close relative of the cultivated variety, is less bitter and more heat tolerant. The base greens are made with arugula leaves to which are added sliced gala apples, chunks of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and thinly sliced toasted walnuts. This flavorful spring salad with arugula, pea shoots, figs, pistachios. Or you can go with my favorite method way of preserving arugula and make a zesty arugula pesto find the recipe on Foodal. Use those baby arugula greens in salads or as a peppery garnish. Like many vegetables, arugula needs regular watering for healthy, consistent growth and optimal flavor. Although you can grow arugula in almost anything, a self-watering container makes the whole task a lot easier. Astro II might be considered a good starter variety for those who prefer a mild arugula flavor profile. Consider these favorite varieties of arugula. If you love arugula, you can succession plant more seeds every two weeks to make the most of the growing season while the mild temperatures last.

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Of all the cole crops, cauliflower is the most sensitive to temperature. This can be rather tricky in that it is important to start cauliflower early enough so it matures before the heat arrives but not so early that cold spring temps damage the plants. Read more

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French sorrel performs best when it is grown in dry, open areas with inhospitable soils. Garden sorrel Rumex acetosa and French sorrel are the two cultivated varieties of the herb. There are many varieties of sorrel plant, but the most common used in cooking is Read more

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There are winter squashes, such as pumpkins and butternuts, which can be stored, and summer squashes, which are harvested when immature and don t store well. You can also plant summer squashes in growing bags or containers at least 45cm 18in wide. Remember that summer Read more

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If you don t have space outdoors or only want a few leeks, you can sow in modules indoors, then transplant outdoors later. Water during long dry spells Weed regularly around plants Check if early leeks are ready for lifting. Dispose of any badly affected Read more

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