Which fertilizer is best for arugula?

You can start seed indoors four to six weeks before your last frost date, but arugula seed can handle chilly soil, and you might want to wait and direct-seed in the garden one to two weeks before your last frost date. Like other leafy vegetables, nitrogen is the key nutrient for arugula. You can find nursery seedlings of arugula, but it is usually started from seed. As the weather warms, arugula appreciates part shade, especially in the afternoon. Astro II is another milder arugula that matures early, in 35 to 38 days. One of the most common diseases on arugula is downy mildew. Even, consistent moisture is best to grow arugula. While it is theoretically possible to grow arugula from just the base and roots of the plant, the arugula will be stressed from the loss of its leaves and will often bolt to flowering. Q How long does arugula take to grow. But if this seems confusing, you can also refer to it as garden rocket, roquette, colewort, rugula, rucola, or even just arugula.

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When it comes to growing healthy, long-living and productive cucumber plants, how and when you fertilize really does make all the difference. For best results, once your cucumber plants have established, fertilize with a light dose of liquid organic fertilizer every two weeks for a Read more

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When harvest time is over, okra pods can be left on the plant to dry to save seed for next year. During the hottest and often driest parts of the summer, okra may slow down production. If harvest tapers off and okra slows or ceases Read more

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