Which part of cantaloupe plants we eat?

If pathogens are present during this time, they can become attached to the cantaloupe rind, particularly where the stem was removed the stem scar. However, ground spot formation can be prevented using methods other than hand-turning to keep cantaloupes off of the ground and dry, including proper planting-bed preparation and careful irrigation management. Weeds can be a serious problem in cantaloupe cultivation, and growers use a variety of weed-control methods. The European cantaloupe and the North American one are different varieties of Cucumis melo. Both Salmonella and Listeria bacteria may be present on the rind of a cantaloupe. Listeria is sometimes a contaminant on cantaloupes, but Salmonella seems to be a more frequent problem.

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Used raw, radish greens make a peppy pesto, a flavorful swap for lettuce in sandwiches, and a great addition to the salad bowl. If you grow your own radishes, harvest the greens when they are young and tender just as the roots start forming. Quarter Read more

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My trick for cooking horseradish greens. As far as cooking, the only real thing to know is that, just like the roots, horseradish leaves have a strong flavor, and if you aren t ready for it, they definitely come off as intense. The flavor of Read more

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Sweet potatoes prefer warm, summer temperatures. Irish potatoes take their name from the famous potato famine that occurred in 19th century Ireland. Irish potatoes are cool season crops, usually grown in early spring. Like many other edible members of the family, potatoes contain alkaloids, which Read more

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However, growing kohlrabi greens for harvest will reduce the size of the bulb. Take no more than one-third of the foliage when you harvest kohlrabi greens. The avid home gourmet may well ask, Are kohlrabi leaves edible. Still, there are plenty of other good-for-you reasons Read more

What part of the kale plant is edible?

Harvesting kale buds is a great way to get more out of your garden by doing less after all, it means growing more food without planting more plants so don t be afraid to try it next time. So then, you might be wondering, why Read more

Which part of sweet potatoes plant is edible?

You may know sweet potatoes as those delicious, vitamin-packed veggies that can be used as a substitute for potatoes and other fattening carbs. The vines of sweet potatoes especially the deep purple varieties , are known as camote tops or kamote tops in Spanish-speaking countries. Read more

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While alive, the anemone has the power to sting, trap, and consume small fish and invertebrates with its tentacles. On plates across the Andalusian coast of southern Spain, however, these anemones are an indulgent treat for seafood enthusiasts. Sea anemones entered the diet of impoverished, Read more

What part of the broccoli plant is edible?

Mac and Cheese Adding cauliflower or broccoli florets to your baked mac and cheese is an easy way to lighten up the dish and get an extra serving of vegetables in your meal. Here are a few ways to use up your cauliflower and broccoli Read more

What part of the radish plant is edible?

The greens of all radishes are edible, although some varieties have a fuzzy texture some eaters might find unpleasant. Choose smaller varieties, like breakfast radishes, for that mild flavor. Radishes that take a bit longer to grow the long Daikon or large watermelon radish for Read more

Can you eat cauliflower after it flowers?

This is why you must never, ever, EVER buy a broccoli or cauliflower transplant that has already started to form a head. All else being equal, broccoli and cauliflower will make heads in accordance to their leaf growth before they start heading. Many a new Read more

Can you eat collards after it flowers?

Like lettuce, collards thrive in cool weather and will bolt, or produce seeds, when temperatures heat up. Alternatively, plant any blossoming brassicas at least 800 feet away from your collards seeding bed.

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You see, tomatoes of yore looked nothing like the plump, juicy, fashionable tomatoes we know and love. But rest assured that though tomatoes are distantly related to belladonna, they do not contain the chemical compounds that make belladonna especially its berries so poisonous. This study Read more

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In the United States, most gardeners grow sweet potatoes for the big, sweet tubers. Of all the potatoes, sweet potatoes are easiest to grow. The vines of sweet potatoes especially the deep purple varieties , are known as camote tops or kamote tops in Spanish-speaking Read more

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Squash and cucumber blossoms are good too. To encourage ongoing fruit production, you need to pick cucumbers when they are still immature. Plant researchers have found that some especially high-yielding cucumbers only have female flowers. These gyneoecious varieties produce a cucumber from every flower that Read more

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But what about beans. While most people have eaten green beans, how about bean greens. You guessed it the leaves of common green beans Phaseolus vulgaris , yardlong beans Vigna unguiculata , runner beans Phaseolus coccineus , lima beans Phaseolus lunatus , fava beans Vicia Read more

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