How to care for chives flowers?

Because chives are compact, they are ideal for edging paths and borders, as well as growing in mixed borders, vegetable gardens, herb gardens and in containers. Planting chives. Although mainly grown for their leaves, chives also produce highly attractive pinky-purple flowers. Functional and beautiful, I really can t say enough about chives. First things first get your hands on some chives. Widespread throughout North America, chives are adaptable to most conditions.

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How do you care for radish plants?

5in deep in rows 15cm 6in apart for summer radishes or 23-25cm 9-10in apart for winter radishes. And don t forget the longer, larger mooli, such as April Cross, and even winter radish, such as Black Spanish Round and China Rose. How to grow radishes. Read more

How do you look after arugula plants?

The planting process is pretty much the same but, once you plant arugula, the soil needs to be watered regularly in order to prevent the soil from drying. 8 is best for growing arugula but it will grow in almost any kind of soil with Read more

How to take care of artichoke plants?

This plant behaves as a perennial in Zones 7 and warmer. Easy-to-grow in most areas, this variety of Cynara cardunculus a good choice for Northern gardeners. More Varieties of Artichoke. Give artichokes plenty of room to grow by planting them every 4 to 6 feet Read more

How to care for artichoke flowers?

Where globe artichokes are winter hardy, superior plants should be propagated vegetatively, by cutting off the small pups that emerge in spring and rooting them. Contributing editor Barbara Pleasant gardens in southwest Virginia, where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and a few lucky chickens. Read more

How do you look after artichoke plants?

How long does it take to grow an artichoke. In growing zones 7 11, artichokes are perennials and can come back every year. Taking these steps will protect the plants throughout the winter. Use the stem as a handle when trimming the artichoke. To ensure Read more

How do you care for basil plants?

Technically known as Ocimum basilicum , Basil is a fragrant warm-weather plant that is easy to grow. There s one herb that s pretty popular for culinary uses basil. Botanical Name Ocimum basilicum Common Name Basil, Sweet Basil, and Thai Basil. Now that you re Read more

How to care for arugula flowers?

Self-seeding flowers, herbs and vegetables that show up in early spring include arugula, calendula, chamomile, cilantro, dill, breadseed poppies and brilliant red orach mountain spinach. With fast-sprouting crops such as arugula, a drenching rain or good hand-watering is all it will take to bring on Read more

How to care for broccoli plants?

Try growing broccoli in an organic, rich soil and fertilize seedlings and young transplants to maintain steady growth. As a cool-season plant, knowing when to plant broccoli is the key. Be sure to harden plants off by gradually exposing broccoli seedlings to direct sunlight and Read more

baby toes how to care for?

Also, keep in mind that baby toes succulents have shallow root systems and do not require a deep container. The active growing period for baby toes succulents is the fall, winter, and spring, and they are dormant in the summer months. Thoroughly water the freshly Read more

How to care for radish flowers?

It s best to sow radish seeds little and often, for small but continuous harvests. Winter radishes can be left in the ground and dug up as required, or lifted in November and stored. Because radishes are quick to mature, they can be sown as Read more

How to care for cucumber flowers?

Keep your cucumber plants well watered to help them establish and to increase yields. But it s best to harvest cucumbers while they re young and tender, before they show signs of producing seeds, as older fruits can become bitter. You can grow cucumbers regardless Read more

How do you look after cucumber plants?

There are two main varieties of cucumber greenhouse and outdoor. Outdoor varieties, meanwhile, are called ridge cucumbers. What are the two main types of cucumber. For outdoor cucumbers, gently harden off your plants by gently acclimatising them to outdoor conditions for at least a week. Read more

How to care for horseradish flowers?

The longer you wait to add vinegar, the hotter your prepared horseradish will be. Site your horseradish in an out-of-the way spot because you won t want to move this perennial once it is planted. If enclosed in a perforated plastic bag, horseradish root will Read more

How do you care for bok choy plants?

If you want to save seeds to plant next year, you ll need to allow your bok choy to bolt. Tiny baby bok choy can be eaten raw or cooked. Companion plants can have various benefits such as pest control and nutrient enhancement, so consider Read more

How to care for onions plants?

Autumn-planted onions will be ready to harvest from early to mid-summer. Harvesting onions. Follow our simple guide to growing onions. Sarah shows Danielle how to cut onions into uniform slices and also the right way to dice onions , then cook them slowly in oil Read more

How to care for kohlrabi plants?

Side dress kohlrabi with aged compost once a month. Keep the soil evenly moist as kohlrabi grows to harvest. Alternatively, you can fee kohlrabi once a month with a plant-starter fertilizer or a balanced organic fertilizer. Also, when growing kohlrabi, keep the soil well watered Read more

How do you care for garlic plants?

Search for how to grow garlic in your location and you will find more information that will relate to your area. The garlic goes dormant when the cold weather arrives and the ground freezes, and then begins growing again as soon as the soil warms Read more

How to care for tomatillo flowers?

The tomatillo plants aren t as heavy as tomato plants, and the undersize wire cages typically sold for tomatoes work fine for supporting tomatillos. Make a lower calorie guacamole by replacing half the avocado with chopped raw tomatillos. Though the tomatillo seems like some exotic Read more

How do you look after garlic plants?

It s easy to think of garlic as a Mediterranean plant and therefore a tender crop that needs lots of warmth to grow well. Watch Monty plant garlic in a container, with advice on drainage and feeding. Here, Monty Don demonstrates how to plant garlic, Read more

How do you look after cauliflower plants?

The cauliflower is not the easiest of the brassica family to grow but a large white cauliflower with tight white curds is a thing of beauty and producing one a source of much satisfaction. It has become fashionable recently to grow mini cauliflower so if Read more

How to care for sweet potatoes flowers?

Popular types of ornamental sweet potatoes include. They are cultivars of the same species as edible sweet potatoes but are only ornamental, not edible, as they are very bitter. Sweet potato vines are the same species as that plant that grows sweet potatoes.

How do you care for pumpkins plants?

Big leaves help them produce more carbohydrates, which mean more pumpkins. Can I grow pumpkins in containers. Each seed packet will list how long on average the plant needs to produce full-grown pumpkins Days for Maturity. Watering a pumpkin plant from above makes the leaves Read more

How to care for summer squash flowers?

In these videos, Sarah and Danielle are planting summer squash, but the methods shown apply equally well to winter squash. To freeze summer squash, grate it, spread it on a parchment-lined baking sheet to freeze, and then pack in a freezer bag. Flowers from summer Read more

How to care for rhubarb flowers?

If you have an established rhubarb clump that is several years old, you can consider dividing the clump. Variety Some varieties of rhubarb flower more than others. The older a rhubarb plant is, the more the rhubarb goes to seed. It s best to divide Read more

How do you care for spinach plants?

Since both hot weather and long days trigger spinach to bolt send up a seed stalk quickly, the secret to success with this crop is to start sowing seeds as soon as possible in spring, to make small, frequent plantings during late spring and summer, Read more

How do you care for kohlrabi plants?

Side dress kohlrabi with aged compost at midseason. Mulch kohlrabi with aged compost when plants are 4 to 5 inches 10-12 cm tall. Grow kohlrabi for fall harvest in hot-summer regions. Growing kohlrabi is most successful in cooler weather. Harvest kohlrabi is when the first Read more

How do you look after kohlrabi plants?

If you are growing kohlrabi for late fall or winter harvest, protect plants with row covers or a plastic tunnel if nighttime temperatures below 25 F -4 C are predicted. Sow kohlrabi seed in the garden 3 to 4 weeks before the last average frost Read more

How do you care for horseradish plants?

Grow horseradish in rich well-drained soil. Grow horseradish as an annual, in the second year the roots can become tough and fibrous. Fertilize horseradish by adding organic compost to the planting bed every month. The longer you wait to add vinegar, the hotter your prepared Read more

How to care for turnips plants?

Early turnips sow March to June, for harvesting throughout summer. Maincrop turnips sow July to mid-August, for harvesting in autumn and winter. Early turnips harvest from May to September when the size of a golf ball for eating raw, or the size of a tennis Read more

apricot how to care for?

Your apricot tree will do best if planted into deep, well draining, loamy soil. After that, any cluster with more than three or four apricots should be thinned. - The soil in the apricot tree pot should be slightly moist - water thoroughly an hour Read more

How do you care for carrots plants?

Don t wait until they re big because they will compete with the carrots for water and nutrition. Don t pull seedlings, you may loosen neighboring carrots. Side-dress the carrots by sprinkling a fertilizer along the rows about two weeks after planting, then repeat with Read more

How do you care for radicchio plants?

Depending on your USDA zone, radicchio may be grown as a spring, summer, or fall vegetable, but the most common red leaf heading radicchio does best grown in cool temperatures. However, higher temperatures for any length of time will burn the leaves of the radicchio. Read more

How to care for dill flowers?

How to grow dill. Sowing dill. Although there are several different varieties, such as Bouquet and Dukat , most supplies simply sell dill seeds. There are several different types of dill, including dwarf varieties that are better suited to container gardening. Plant your dill in Read more

How to care for sweet potatoes plants?

To give them a head start, sweet potatoes are often planted in raised rows, about 8 inches high. Be sure to plant your sweet potatoes in full sun to part shade. The orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are the most familiar, but sweet potatoes can be white, Read more

How to care for rhubarb plants?

To grow delicious rhubarb, you will need. NB Never eat rhubarb leaves, as they are toxic. You simply can t beat a delicious rhubarb crumble made with your very own sweet, tart rhubarb stems. The flavour of rhubarb varies in sweetness depending on the age Read more

How to care for radish plants?

Being small and quick growing, radishes are excellent crops to grow in containers - even window boxes and gro-bags. And don t forget the longer, larger mooli, such as April Cross, and even winter radish, such as Black Spanish Round and China Rose. How to Read more

How to care for parsnip plants?

If your soil isn t really suitable for growing parsnips, you can grow them in large, deep pots of multi-purpose compost or compost recommended for growing vegetables. How to grow parsnips. For the best results, parsnips need a sunny position and fine, crumbly soil that Read more

How do you care for asparagus plants?

White asparagus is the same plant as green asparagus, but it is made white through a process called blanching, which deprives the plant of light so it does not photosynthesize. These nutrients will help your asparagus develop a good, strong root system. Remove weeds when Read more

How to care for swiss chard plants?

Masterchef s Gregg Wallace pops chard into his delicious frittata with Parmesan. Also, they note that chard is not day-length sensitive, a botanical phenomenon called photoperiodism. It s also wise to rotate crops and not co-plant with spinach or beets, to inhibit insects specific to Read more

How to care for zucchini flowers?

10 zucchini flowers cup grapeseed oil 1 kg minced beef 2 medium onions, diced 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped cup oregano, chopped cup basil, chopped Salt and ground pepper 500g Roma tomatoes, diced 1 cup arborio rice. A plant can produce one good-sized zucchini every Read more