Is cucumber farming profitable?

As cucumber is prone to various diseases, insect pests, and nematodes, we have to go for cucumber seed treatment with pesticides like 5 gm imidacloprid to control insect pest, 3 gm thiram to control fungal diseases, 3 gm carbofuran to control soil-borne nematodes and 5 or 5 gm Trichoderma or pseudomonas as a bio seed treatment. We have already given information on a cucumber farming guide for beginners. Salad cucumber seed varieties. It is a big mistake to think that making money from cucumber cultivation stops after harvesting of the produce. Organic cucumber farmers in Nigeria use compose, manure, humates, biofertilizers, biopesticides, bioinsecticides and biofungicides for the cultivation of the crop. If you are engaged in cucumber production, you should mind these times and plan accordingly.

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Pull up young weeds around your chard gently by hand to avoid damaging their roots. Swiss chard, in particular, is a powerhouse of nutrition. Both vegetables and flowers will benefit from Swiss chard growing close to them.

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The most profitable crops to grow in hydroponic systems are plants with leafy greens such as lettuce. It will cost you about 20 to maintain one square foot of lettuce. If you live in a cooler climate that leans towards extreme temperatures, it might be Read more

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