Should dill plants flower?

Since dill can self-sow, it s important you either plant it in a spot where it s allowed to roam or where you can harvest it all before it goes to seed. Plant your dill in a spot that gets full sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day. Although delicate looking, dill is actually a fairly cold-hardy plant. You can still harvest fronds after the dill sets seed heads. The dill will die after flowering. Let my dill flower.

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Well, I left the flowers alone and low and behold, they began forming into peppers. It is easy to over-care for your peppers, and providing too much water is not good. However, if you are growing faster varieties like jalapenos or bell peppers, early flowers Read more

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If you don t plan to eat your bok choy the same day that you harvest it, don t wash it damp vegetables will rot faster in the fridge. Like its close cousins kale and cabbage, bok choy packs a hefty nutritional punch. Some claim Read more

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Here s the situation as it s usually described to me My zucchini have beautiful blossoms but they fall off with no fruit. I end up with only one or two zucchini per plant. Try companion planting techniques to boost your zucchini harvest. The reason Read more

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The best okra varieties to grow in Texas are Annie Oakley Compact , Blondy Compact , Burgundy, Cajun Delight, Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Lee, Louisiana Green, Stewart s Zeebest Heirloom , and Velvet. Pick the okra every 1 to 2 days or yields will decrease Fig. Read more

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This compound helps protect potatoes from the harsh sun and is important for the plant. While rotting potatoes is not a good thing, it could be worse. Many gardeners are told to let their potatoes flower in order to get a good harvest. That I Read more

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Exposure to cold temperatures of less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit 4 degrees Celsius for a week or more can cause broccoli plants to form small heads. Younger broccoli plants in the garden may fall over due to pest or disease damage. According to Clemson University, Read more

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