What are kohlrabi leaves good for?

Harvesting kohlrabi leaves in early spring is the best time to get flavorful, tender greens. The avid home gourmet may well ask, Are kohlrabi leaves edible. However, growing kohlrabi greens for harvest will reduce the size of the bulb. You can also store the kohlrabi leaves directly inside a sealed ziplock bag like this one. However, if you are not planning to eat them right away you can store both the kohlrabi leaves and stems in the refrigerator. Some of the important trace minerals that kohlrabi leaves have include.

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How to peel kohlrabi. 2 cups shredded kohlrabi 4 cups diced green cabbage 1 cup shredded carrot cup sliced green onion cup cider vinegar cup sugar 3 tablespoons canola oil teaspoon celery seed teaspoon salt teaspoon ground black pepper. Eat kohlrabi raw or cooked. I Read more

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Mac and Cheese Adding cauliflower or broccoli florets to your baked mac and cheese is an easy way to lighten up the dish and get an extra serving of vegetables in your meal. Some eaters including this one actually prefer the stalks and leaves of Read more

What can I do with outer okra leaves?

Slicing the stems off okra Photo courtesy of iStock Creative-Family. Raw okra Photo courtesy of iStock Kai_Wong. Where did okra come from. You can easily grow okra in your own home. Okra grows best in hot, humid climates, with India being the leading okra producer. Read more

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Many scientific studies studies prove the potential of cauliflower greens in the treatment of anemia. Several clinical studies are carried out by many researchers on the health benefits of cauliflower leaves which are summarized below-. Since the cauliflower leaf is a very good source of Read more

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While tomatoes do show a decline in tomatine content as they mature and ripen, no one has ever thought twice about devouring a heaping of fried green tomatoes or pickled green tomatoes. So what gives with tomatoes. In people who are sensitive to these compounds, Read more

What are winter squash leaves good for?

Where I was in Africa, almost everyone had a garden, and almost everyone had squash pumpkin greens growing in their garden, and they grew like crazy, so there were always plenty of greens to pick and enjoy. Can you eat summer squash and zucchini leaves Read more

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How to choose the best celery leaves. If you ve never tried it before, then you need to try crispy beef and celery leaf stir-fry. Can you juice celery leaves. There s also a hot new juicing trend that s all about celery. Look for Read more

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Although they are referred to differently, corn husks and corn leaves are the same things. Tip Soak the dried corn husks in hot water for about 30 minutes before wrapping around food you are grilling. However, there are many things you can do with corn Read more

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Sugar beets far outstrip table beets in terms of U. table beets. approximately 1,250,000 acres of sugar beets are planted each year, By comparison, only 700 acres are planted in the production of U.

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