Is radicchio a root or leaf?

Cultural practices are similar to those for endive, escarole, and lettuce, but radicchio requires a longer growing period than lettuce 80 to 85 days in the Salinas Valley and so may require an extra irrigation. The first growth of many radicchios is green. In counties like Monterey that enforce a lettuce-free period for mosaic control, radicchio is also subject to this crop-free period. If you have a desire to expand the types of salad greens you routinely use, you may want to try radicchio growing. There are a few radicchio varieties to choose from, all of which are easy to care for and grow. There are many varieties of radicchio intended for optimum commercial growth in specific climes.

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Besides Irish potatoes, yams are another excellent example of stem tubers. Today, potatoes are some of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide and some of the largest food crops. Before we discuss how tubers work, let s first take a brief look at what the potato Read more

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The edible part of the artichoke is the flower bud before it opens into the flower. Expect buds the second year and for up to three years if artichokes are perennial in your area. The artichoke petals, heart, and stem all contain the tender fiber Read more

Is tomatoes a root or leaf?

These varieties tend to provide numerous ripe tomatoes at one time, do not put on much leaf growth after setting fruit, and tend to fruit for a relatively brief period of time. Most beefsteak and cherry tomatoes are indeterminate. Determinate tomatoes do not require staking Read more

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Aphids are prohibited by Biblical law kale that has not been subjected to pesticides is obviously more likely to contain aphids than kale that has been sprayed. The morphological and genetic mechanisms of self-sterility of kale have been reviewed and a possible scheme has been Read more

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The stem tips of pole beans grow very rapidly in a twisting manner and whip around at several cycles per day. How did we get bush beans from wild pole beans. Nevertheless, this bean plant is a bush variety that has shorter stems than the Read more

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Vegetables are usually grouped according to the portion of the plant that is eaten such as leaves lettuce , stem celery , roots carrot , tubers potato , bulbs onion and flowers broccoli. Is lettuce a root or leaf. Vegetables can be grouped according to Read more

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